Brazilian Hair Fiber Curls

Brazilian Hair Fiber Curls

250,00 DKK

Brazilian Hair Fiber Curls


Brazilian Curls 18", 20", 22"

Please call us before ordering this hair 8619 3132 - Thanks :-)

Style: Natural Bohemian DXT667

Blond, honey blond and brown colour mix

1 pakke indeholder 180 gr. luxus fiber hår, som kan tåle glattejern op til 200 grader. Inklusiv Parting og closure.


Type of hair: Premium Multi-Blend Fibre
Type of product: Weave
Packs used for full head: All-in-one + free parting closure

100% Futura Fibre
Beautiful Brazilian styles include Natural Body, Natural Bohemian, Natural Curly and Natural Wavy
Complete one-pack style
Each pack includes four pieces: 18”, 20”, 22”+ 2 Way parting closure
Easy-to-blend texture for a natural finish
Non-bulky finish