How to keep Human Hair Extensions

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Daily Maintenance Human Hair Extensions

Before styling, gently brush the hair through with a paddle brush or a wide toothed comb for curly styles. Working for the end of the hair to the root. Keeping your human hair extensions moisturised is crucial for manageability.

We recommend you use a styling product with a minimum alcohol, and use silicone based moisurisers on a daily basis. Moisturising lotions reduce tangles, and hydrate the hair without weighing it down. We advise a few drops of moisturising lotion is applied throughout the hair daily, with emphasis on the ends and nape of the hair. Please notice excessive product use can create build up on the hair, and affect its performance.Washing helps eliminate this. A small amount of leave-in-conditioner will also help the hair`s hydration at its optimum.

Maintaining Human Hair Extensions at Night

At night, gently brush hair to get rid of any tangles, add a small amount of hair moisturiser or leave-in-conditioner. Loosely braid the hair into one or two  sections,or secure the hair into a top knot (loose bun) We recommend that the hair is then wrapped with a silky scarf, or that you sleep on a pillow covered with a silky fabric.

Maintaining your hair on holiday

Hair that is worn in hot climates and worn whilst swimming in pools and in the sea is prone to dehydration and colour change, and will require  the highest level of maintenance. Hair sustaining this level of use also have a significantly reduced life span, therefore we recommend the hair is deeply conditioned regularly, a colour protecting shampoo is used while washing, and a generous amount of moisturising lotion i used on a daily basis.

Maintaining Curly Styles

Keeping your pre-curled extensions in tip top shape will require special attention. We achieve curls by heat setting the hair around heated rods and securing the style with holding sprays. The curls are not permanent, meaning they most be handled with care to ensure the do not loosen-bearing in mind the that the curls will eventually loosen with time. Distribute a small amount of moisturising lotion and then a styling mousse over the hair with your hands, lightly scrunch the hair in your hands and use your fingers to separate the style into curls. We recommend these styles are always finger combed and a small amount of retention spray is applied on a daily basis. During washing it is best to tie the hair into a top knot, do not allow the hair to drip dry. Restyle with soft bendy rollers after washing.

Heat styling human hair extensions

Although 100% human hair is genuine real hair, heat shortens its life span as it  dehydrates the hair. All heat appliances can be used to a recommended temperature of 250C.
Always use a heat protective product on the hair before applying heat, and remember to moisturise hair once finished. Do not apply heat directly to the weft excessively, as this can cause shedding. Avoid using a hot stove iron appliance. We recommend the hair is heat styled a maximum of once per week to maintain its lifespan.

Washing Human Hair Extensions

We recommend that you wash  your hair a maximum of once per fortnight. If you need more frequent washing we recommend you use a wash-out-conditioner instead of regular shampoo. CO-washing as it is also called does not dry out the hair as regular shampoo does.

To Wash Human Hair Extensions

1. Gently detangle the hair by combing through with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb for curly styles
    working from ends to roots
2. Run luke warm water through the hair, using a mild highly moisturising shampoo, that is well PH balanced, gently massage through the hair
   squeezing out excess water with your fingers. Work your way down the length of the hair, do not twist or rub.
3. Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly, town dry and then apply a generous amount of moisture rich conditioner and leave for 5-15 minuts. For hair that is damaged you can condition for longer time ie
   any hour.
4. Rinse the hair, and then pad dry with a towel.

5. Spray leave-in-conditioner on the hair and leave to air dry.


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